I’m currently reading one of the most powerful self-help books I’ve ever held in my hands ~ The Slight Edge.


At the same time I’m authoring my new book 5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle and have been powering through the weekend to get the draft finished.

Late last night the formatting of the draft was completed, with a feeling of satisfaction beyond belief!


People constantly tell me that I’m amazing to be able to write books. I don’t see myself as amazing at all. I’m a person who likes a challenge and who can hold on like a bull terrier to a mission I believe in.


I write for a reason, hence my business name, Books with a Purpose Publishing. For me, writing a book is about interviewing, transcribing, creatively writing, formatting, then having the book professionally typeset and printed. With book in hand, I then have to market, so I speak to audiences about the stories behind why I wrote the books.


There’s nothing grandiose about the process, it’s just a step by step process of a whole lot of little things, that one day evolve into a whole book with a professional cover, ready to greet the world.


As I read The Slight Edge, I realised that Jeff Olson’s principle of mastering the mundane and doing the small things over and over and over are what add up to having a book published.


The Slight Edge works in any and every area of our lives. Worth thinking about …

A famous writer was in his study. He picked up his pen and began writing:

Last year, my gall bladder was removed.  I was stuck in bed due to this surgery for

a long time.

The same year I reached the age of 60 and had to give up my favourite job.  I had

spent 30 years of my life with this publishing company.

The same year I experienced the death of my father.

In the same year my son failed in his medical exam because he had a car

accident. He had to stay in the hospital with a cast on his leg for several days.

The destruction of the car was a second loss. His concluding statement

“Alas!  It was such bad year!!”

When the writer’s wife entered the room, she found her husband looking dejected,

sad and lost in his thoughts. She carefully and surreptitiously read what he had written,

then silently left the room coming back shortly afterwards with another piece of paper on which

she had written her summary of the year’s events. She placed it beside her husband’s

paper. When her husband saw that she had written something in response, he read

her “take” on the year’s events. Here’s her view of the same events ~

Last year I finally got rid of my gall bladder which had given me many years of pain.

I turned 60 with sound health and retired from my job. Now I can utilize my time to

write better and with more focus and peace.

The same year my father, at the age of 95, without depending on anyone and without

any critical conditions, met His Creator.

The same year, God blessed my son with life. My car was destroyed, but my son

was alive and without permanent disability.

At the end she wrote: This year was an immense blessing and it passed well!!

The same incidents but different viewpoints.


In our daily lives we must see that it’s not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness

that makes us happy. There is always, always, always something for which to be


Attitude is the one thing over which we can have control, in every circumstance.

Live so that your memories will be part of your happiness. Be grateful!!!

I don’t know who penned this, but I’m very grateful for it. Life is a series of choices about how we look at things. I personally choose to look for the good in any situation, even if it rocks my boat for a time.