White Ribbon photo Today I had the privilege of being the guest speaker at a White Ribbon Day event, followed later in the day as the featured emerging speaker at the Adelaide Chapter of Professional Speakers Australia. What a fun day!

My topic for the evening was, ‘You are what you think.’ I told the story of my niggling and very annoying 13 year old inner child who declared that I couldn’t speak in front of more than a small number of people.

This fear began in 1969 when I was in Year 8 in a class with six very clever girls whilst the rest of us were very average students. Not wanting to look foolish if I asked questions, I learned to leave those questions unasked. So began a fear paradigm that followed me for decades.

That all changed when Dad said to me one day, ‘You can get away with a lot when you have silver hair!’ As you can see, I’m completely silver, as was Dad and Grandma from a young age.

I don’t use my hair colour to ‘get away with things,’ however, it made me think. If I have something that I think is worth saying, why should I be afraid? If I make a mistake, will it be life-threatening? Of course the answer is no.

This realisation changed the course of my life! As the author of a new book in 2011, the only way to promote it was to speak about it. My inaugural talk was at a Lutheran Aged Care Home with an audience of around 75 people and rather than being terrified, I found that if I scanned between the few smiling or nodding faces in the audience, I had a connection with people who had a calming influence and it was actually fun … lots of fun.

I’ve now created a series of Power Programs – one for each of my three books, however, my favourite program is ‘You are what you think,’ where we explore the impact of what we allow into our minds and how our self-talk will alter the direction of our lives – negatively or positively.

It’s our choice!

Muzzling that little 13 year old inner child was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

*** I believe Noah St John is the creator of the term ‘head trash.’                                                        He’s worth following if you want to explore more about what the mind can do. ***