A perforated life …

Gail n AC bk openI’ve been pottering along for a number of years as an Author and a Speaker, with real life getting in the way of me establishing a thriving business. A few contracts here and there have been great to pay the bills, but have also left me feeling that I was leading a ‘perforated life.’

What’s that, I hear you ask? Working Monday, Wednesday and Friday on a two year contract left me with Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to work on my own business and I soon realised that I never felt like I was in flow. No sooner did I start a project and it was time to go back to paid work!

Don’t get me wrong – I was grateful for the income.

Hence, I’ve felt like I was marking time in my business. This year, having completed the contract, I’ve decided to focus, use a whiteboard and a manual index card contact filing system, along with other strategies to reduce the overwhelm of keeping everything in my head and hoping madly that I could recall all the minute details later.

Several years ago I attended a Business Intensive in Perth at which Alex Mandossian explained the WIT Principle. I recently realise that I’ve been using this for some time by doing Whatever ITakes to propel my business forward.

I add a rider to the WIT Principle – it must be honest, ethical and benefit both parties.

I’ve also realised that I need to let go of the Little Red Hen principle – “I’ll do it myself.” As an independent and capable person, I tried to do everything myself, but realised that, amongst other things, I was not gifted at MYOB. That was my first foray into loosening the reins – handing over the finances to a book keeper – and what a relief that was.

Next I found some freelancers who are much more adept at creating promo booklets than I’ll ever be. They’ve saved me blood, sweat and tears! And whilst they’re busily taking care of some of the essentials that are not my forte, I can focus on what I’m best at – creating content for my books, talks and workshops and practising for speaking engagements.

With a little more organisation in my life, I feel like I’m now more in flow and I’ve left the perforations behind, having torn out that overwhelming and messy page!

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