Dementia or Social Isolation? That is the question … Part 5

When you arrive and your father-in-law is waving a Final Notice from his electricity provider in your face, demanding that you tell him why they sent it, should that ring an alarm bell? Is it that he’s no longer able to manage his affairs? And if that’s the case, does he have dementia setting in?

An ever increasing issue of the elderly is Social Isolation.

Social Isolation can disguise itself as the early stages of dementia ….

For many who are living in their own home Social Isolation is an issue of epidemic proportions around the globe.

It’s a tricky one, because it may seem that Mum or Dad are ok in their home because they’re able to manage their personal care needs, their shopping, their cooking and they are still mobile.

But you notice when you visit that they always seem sad and are becoming increasingly negative, bordering on depressed and for no apparent reason.

They may also be avoiding social contact with others due to this decline on the happiness scale.

A lady I met kept describing her home as a concrete jungle. She’d chosen to buy the home 6 years prior, but she was becoming increasingly distressed by living there. It seemed to her family that she had early signs of dementia.

It may not be dementia

               It may not be dementia

Within six weeks of moving into permanent Residential Aged Care, this same lady was as happy as a  pig in mud!

With people wandering about all  the time, she felt like she had company all the time, even when staff were attending to another resident.

And, miraculously all the signs of dementia had vanished. Sometimes the remedy for such a malady is moving into care, even if the elderly person is initially resistant.

It’s worth considering …

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