Who to appoint as my Power of Attorney … Part 2

The issues of the elderly are as numerous as the grains of sand on the seashore! What bothers one person is like water off a duck’s back to another.

A man who read my book, 5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle, a while back, remembered reading that I was a Mentor, so he contacted me and asked if I could meet with him to sort out a dilemma.

He lives alone in an immaculately kept unit with a lovely garden, is fully self-sufficient, with no care needs and is in good health. So, like the client I spoke of in Part 1 of this series, we were not discussing Residential Aged Care – far from it.

His email told me some of his story and explained a little about why he wanted to update his Will, Power of Attorney and Advance Care Directive.

When we met, the story expanded, became quite convoluted and explained why his current Power of Attorney was no longer suitable. It seemed that there were no family members who could be entrusted with this role, for a variety of reasons. And all his friends were too old and were quite likely to drop off their twig before him!

An Estate Planning lawyer had given me some clues on professional

We never know what tomorrow may bring!

We never know what tomorrow may bring!

people who may be asked to take on this role and this proved to be a life-saving solution for this elderly gentleman. He now has a professional who has provided trusted service to him for many years, who’s happy to take on this task.


A one-off, unexplained fall had also unravelled his confidence somewhat, so we discussed the possibility of wearing an Alert pendant around his neck. He hadn’t thought of that, so has since ordered one.

By the time I left he was decidedly calmer and as with the previous client, he had an Action Plan to get him started.

It’s amazing to see the transformation in a person when they’ve been able to share their story with someone who’s prepared to listen without judgement.

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