Glad I Was Still Awake …

I’m glad I was still awake

Have you ever been glad you were still awake?

I was on Wednesday night. I’d just finished presenting a Zoom Aged Care Myth Buster session and was tidying up preparing to go to bed.

My phone rang … it was a man looking for Gail who did a talk about resident’s rights at the Aged Care Home at which he works in northern South Australia. He didn’t have the number, so he googled Gail Aged Care and I showed up.

I hadn’t spoken at his workplace, but knew from his questions that he was needing information from the new Aged Care Quality Standards that came into effect on 1st July 2019.

We talked, or mostly I listened, for about 45 minutes. He told me of his concerns for their residents who he felt should be heard a little more in order to improve their Quality of Care. Nothing major wrong, just more listening required.

It was so rewarding hearing the relief on the other end of the phone. He knew he had been heard and now he had a link to the site giving him the right information about legislation designed to raise the Quality of Life for our seniors.

I went to bed feeling that I’m working in the right space – Aged Care Explained.

The message I received in the morning thanked me for listening. Perhaps instead of calling myself an Aged Care Liaison I should call myself an Aged Care Listener.

If I could bottle the relieved look I see when I’ve listened to families and created an Action Plan to get them started with any aspect of the Aged Care process, it would be priceless!


  1. Your ability to listen Gail is what makes the difference and sets you apart…well done. You ARE making a positive difference to peoples lives…

    1. Thanks Simon. I’m becoming increasingly aware of the importance of listening, as you would be aware in the business of chauffeuring.
      Good listening can simplify things enormously.

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