Is ‘should’ a good reason to do anything?

Have you ever thought about the number of things we should do?

Why? Who said so? Is should a good enough reason to do anything?

Senior 4Obviously, for reasons of personal and public safety, we should drive on the correct side of the road.

Several years ago my husband and I realised that we have spent most of our adult live should-ing, sometimes to our own detriment.

Should-ing  takes our time, our enjoyment of life and often, or more accurately, usually creates negative energy. What if we measured what we think we should do on a scale that asks,

‘Is it light or heavy?’ *

Most things are one or the other. If it’s light, it’s right.*

Try it and I’ll guarantee that your should will weigh one or the other.

* Light or heavy and If it’s light, it’s right are both taught in Access Consciousness™

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