Is there a simpler way? Part 7

Would you undertake a degree in rocket science when in the midst of an emotional crisis?

NO‘ I hear you shout! That would be misuse of valuable time and energy.

There are professionals who can sort out the Aged Care placement process, so why not engage their services?

The answer is probably because most people don’t know that these people exist – like I didn’t when I was trying to get my mother-in-law into care. Where were they hiding?

They were not far away and in fact there are more and more of them springing up globally, but if you’ve never heard of them, then you won’t know who to Google. And if you do Google them, how do you know if they’re good or not and if the fee they charge is reasonable?

The longer I work at Demystifying the Aged Care Puzzle, the more professionals I’m adding to my database, so that when I sit down with a client I can draw on my list of trusted and experienced professionals.

I need to know that the people to whom I refer are going to have the same empathy and care for you as I do, so that anything to do with the ageing process can be covered with ease and if necessary, speed.

When you’ve done some preparation, you can buy time with the hospital, by saying, ‘We have a Placement Consultant working on this with us and will have it sorted in a few days.’

Act now before there’s a crisis.

You’ll be glad you did! I consult with families to create an Action Plan, specific to them, so they can attend to some of the preliminaries whilst their loved one is still in a reasonable condition. We never know what’s around the corner.

To schedule a time to discuss what’s happening, please email me …

We never know what tomorrow will bring

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