Not Enough Money To Go Into An Aged Care Home ~ Part 9

Is The Cost Holding You Back From Investigating Aged Care?

Let’s find out about the options …

So often we bypass what’s possible because we make assumptions. One such assumption is, ‘My parents are on a pension so they can’t afford to move into an Aged Care Home.’

Many families struggle needlessly through difficult situations with their ageing relatives because they simply don’t have the facts. In my Myth Buster series I’m dispelling many misnomers, so here are the currents facts about Pensions and Aged Care.

The Federal Government has created a level playing field for all ageing Australians. This means that all Residential Aged Care Homes in Australia must take and equal ratio of: 1/3 Pension only, 1/3 Pension and Partly Self-Funded, 1/3 Fully Self-Funded new residents.

Getting one’s head around the finances, the equations, the legislation, what is and isn’t allowable, would be equal to undertaking a Degree in Rocket Science! Definitely not for the faint-hearted. I take my hat off to those who undertake this process easily.

With accurate information from the right professional specialising in Aged Care Financial advice, families are often surprised at what’s possible.

If seeking such advice, it’s critical to ensure that the person is an Aged Care accredited Financial Advisor. I have links with professionals around Australia and recently had a conversation with an Aged Care accredited Financial Planner from Queensland who told me this story …

Don’t let this happen to you

“A distressed family came to see me months after they had handed the financial side of their mother’s aged care issues to a Financial Advisor who assured them that he could sort everything out – ‘No worries.’ After four months he threw his hands in the air and handed it all back to them, saying it was beyond him! They arrived at my office, beside themselves, asking if I could help them.

Meanwhile Mum was still awaiting placement. I took over the mess and spent three weeks unravelling the tangled web he’d created.

Had they come to me initially, we’d have had a long initial conversation, and with enough financial information, I’d have created some scenarios of how long her finances would last and what her options would be.”

Six years ago I was in just that dilemma with my father-in-law living with us. I was searching for the right Aged Care Home and feeling totally overwhelmed with the financial and Centrelink side of the equation. With my brother-in-law enlisted to tackle that side, I went on searching for the home and keeping this agitated and confused elderly gent as calm as I could.

When he was safely and happily settled into a wonderful Aged Care Home, I set about finding an easier way to achieve a good outcome without tearing one’s hair out! One by one I found professionals who can make the complex simple. Out of sheer frustration 5 Easy Ways To Solve The Aged Care Puzzle was born.

I’m asked why I don’t give out a list of their names. It’s because in this puzzle, it’s not a one-size-fits-all answer. Depending on health scenarios, cultural, demographic, spiritual, lifestyle and other requirements, there will be just the right professional for each family.

Families with whom I work (through consultations) are introduced to the best professional who will provide the Right Help To Find The Best Aged Care Solution Fast.

If you’re needing help, I can assist families anywhere in the world who have loved one’s anywhere in Australia. Ring or email to arrange a Phone or Zoom consultation

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