The hospital can’t place Mum in Aged Care … Or can they? Part 6

When speaking to audiences, I repeat the same slide three times … and not because I have short-term memory issues.

Act now before there’s a crisis!

Whatever preparation we can do before a crisis occurs with our elderly loved ones, will save drama, heart-ache and distress later. A crisis is generally a broken bone, stroke or heart issue and they literally happen in a blink!

When people have their decluttering and legals in order, they can cross two of the biggies off the To Do List.

For several years I’ve been sprouting second hand stories of people being placed by a hospital, once they’re out of crisis, in Residential Aged Care homes hundreds of miles from their home and families.

The hospital discharge staff aren’t trying to be unkind, but are simply freeing up the bed for a younger patient who can be treated and made well again, rather than keeping an elderly, declining patient, who is now stable and not likely to improve.

Last week, one of the audience at my Demystifying the Aged Care Puzzle talk told of her Mum being sent to a home 150 kms (2 hours) from her home and family. They were devastated and I personally find this heartbreaking!

She didn’t have to stay there, but her family now had to find an Aged Care Home closer and unfortunately they didn’t see her as urgent, because she already had a placement!

And with the extra travel to visit Mum, no one had the time or energy to attend to learning the process of finding that elusive bed, so this is what happened …

How much energy is left to provide emotional support?

Because the family didn’t know any better, they started trying to navigate the Aged Care process … Alone!

Tune in to Part 7 to find out what they could have done …

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