What happens when the dentist makes the coffee?

Chap 4 pic 2Workplace stress seems endemic!

Every morning I meet a LinkedIn email with a headline about workplace stress.

Where did we lose the ability to enjoy our personal life and also find some pleasure in what pays the bills?

When did work become something to be endured, rather than a place where we make a valued contribution and take pride in doing so?

How did the negative comments TGIF and Hump Day come into being?

If you say TGIF to my husband, he’ll ask, ‘Do you know the great thing about Friday?’ People usually make comments like, ‘It’s almost the weekend,’ or some such thing, to which Ron will reply, ‘It’s only three days ’til Monday.’

This is always met with a groan.

What if management and staff alike could develop a work paradigm that embodies fairness, inclusion, pride, realistic goals, gratitude for effort put in along with a positive and fulfilling workplace culture?

Do you think staff might show more interest in their work? Do you think if approached personably they may put in extra effort? Is it possible they may see themselves as part of a team, rather than sensing a them and us mentality?

My favourite and most respected manager was Greg, a dentist in the School Dental Service, who would answer the phone if everyone else was busy. If he’d finished his patient and we were still busily drilling and filling, he’d come and ask if we wanted our usual coffee order. We could then all sit, as part of a team and take a few minutes to chat before our next patients arrived – the dentist having made the coffee!

To Greg, we were a team, with no pecking order, but merely a common objective – to take the best care of our patients by doing exemplary quality work in the kindest and most caring fashion. His humane and caring approach to staff was unsurpassed and they responded accordingly.

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