You get what you focus on …

Piper in EdinburghA recent trip to Scotland reinforced for me the importance of being specific with our requests, then letting go and not trying to control the how.
I wanted to hear the ‘Highland Cathedral’ being played live, by a bagpiper in Edinburgh. My husband and daughter googled Concerts in Edinburgh and various other search words and nothing appeared. I remained focussed on hearing this magnificent piece, although I couldn’t see how this may happen.

Strolling from the House of Holyrood Palace, along the Royal Mile, towards Edinburgh Castle, I could hear bagpipe music in the distance. Looking up, I spied a lone piper, dressed in his full regalia, busking in the street.

As he finished playing a piece, I approached asking, ‘Do you do requests?’ ‘Certainly. What would you like me to play?’ he asked. ‘Can you play The Highland Cathedral please?’ ‘Sure. I’ll play that for you,’ he said and promptly began to play as I dissolved into a puddle of tears.

Not only did I get to experience the magic of hearing this played live, just a few feet in front of my very eyes, but also the magic of how the Universe / God / Source brought this to me in the most unexpected of ways.

It confirmed my belief that if we are specific with our requests, focus on them with positive energy and take some sort of action to set the wheels in motion (we had booked to stay in Edinburgh for 4 nights), then we can leave the details to a source beyond our limited means.

This, as you might imagine, was a highlight of our travels in the UK.

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